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National Careers Service – Find a course – the skills toolkit


Student Mental Health Tool Kit

Helplines and websites for parents


Speak up Space

Just a quick reminder that Speak Up Space is a point of contact for young people over the summer if they need any support – it is running everyday now so please pass on to all your young people :

Sunday (8pm-11pm), 

Monday (5pm-8pm),

Tuesday (8pm-11pm),

Wednesday (5pm-8pm)

Thursday (4pm-9pm)

Friday (8pm-11pm)

Saturday (8pm-11pm)

Young people can have an online chat about anything that is affecting their mental health and/or emotional well-being. To access their instant messaging service simply visitwww.speakupspace.org.uk


Microsoft Teams – What you need to know

Space related educational resources for home schooling

Virtual Museum – 13 ways to explore from home – Natural History Museum

5 day family first aid challenge using Youtube for video/info needed.

Go to KS3 Design Technology/Food Technology and there are 28 food clips to watch.

Food technology – KS3 Design and Technology – BBC Bitesize

Hay  Digital 2022 – Hay Festival


For KS3 and KS4 pupils to use. Lots of information included on UK foods, world foods, food and cookery terms, recipes and activities and other useful links to other sites like Lets get Cooking.

For KS3 and KS4 pupils. Lots of resources for age groups such as 11-14 and 14 – 16. Two particularly good sections – are Whole school and Interactive resources. Here the resources and activities cover everyday learning such as food, maths, science, health and well being, around your kitchen, work booklets, activities and recipes.


Oak National Academy – Online classroom resources for all pupils:


Cedars online subject specific link

Download homework from here (please contact your child’s home liaison teacher if you have difficulty opening the links):

Science 22/04/2020:

Collecting energy from the sun



This website gives lots of information about ospreys who migrate to and nest in Wales, with live streaming of them hunting and feeding their chicks:


Ofqual Announcement on Exam Grading for Year 11

Ofqual, the regulatory body for exams, has issued the following letter to students regarding the calculation of grades for GCSE exams this summer:

 Letter to students regarding Summer 2020 Exams

Government Online educational resources to support children to continue learning at home
The UK government have published a list of online resources that parents, and schools can consider to support children to continue learning at home. The list will be updated over time, and includes a wide range of resources for all ages that schools can consider using as part of their planned curriculum. Schools have already been drawing on existing resources and tools they are familiar with to support children to continue learning at home and should continue to do so.
More information can be found here:


Wellbeing and Mindfulness resources:

Some useful resources on mindfulness and health and wellbeing from ELSA Support and Cr8tive Resources.

Mindful minute mind break cards

Health and wellbeing during Coronavirus

April wellbeing calendar

Science homework 03/04/2020:

For all sky watchers:

Sky maps and details of planets visible tonight.

Nasa’s gallery of images taken from satellites and telescopes around the world.

Created to commemorate the 1969 Moon landings, this recreates the lunar mission using real footage.

Science homework 03.04.2020


Pupils can design their own PE kit using the link below. Their design can be uploaded to social media with CEDAR’s school name, your year group to be in with a chance of winning a PE kit for the school. See the details on the website below:

Design your own PE Kit


Simply Delicious Super Yummy Chartwells, cooking videos from our catering provider – click here

FA Football online activities


Talk about alcohol 

Maths websites – an email has been sent with login details:

Mangahigh Maths

1o Ticks Maths

Science tasks 31/03/2020:


Year 7 to 9 History Workbook 31/03/2020:

KS3 History workbook

My Maths website:


Please email Mary or your child’s home liaison teacher, using the staff email list above, for your user name and password.  

ICT work 30/03/2020:

Design a Powerpoint Presentation

Maths website 30/03/2020:



PE with Joe Wickes


Science experiments to try at home:

50 experiments for 50 Days


Art resources 30/03/2020:

Art Years 7 t0 11:

Years 7 to 9

Years 10 and 11:
Developing Ideas

Recording & Analysing


Maths work 27/03/2020

Mathematics Unit 4 Clocks and Time


English Work 27/03/2020

English homework KS3&4 music lyrics

Legend of the Flying Dutchman  


Science 27/03/2020:

Science Homework


Daily KS3 English Lessons – follow the link:



Key Stage 3 Art work:

Year 7 to 9 Art History worksheet NATIONAL GALLERY