CEDARS Short Stay School


At CEDARS, our intention is that students at Key Stage 3 and 4 follow content that is linked to the national requirements for PSHE, including the compulsory units on Relationships and Sex Education. Students will be encouraged to have an understanding of the importance that PSHE has in developing positive relationships and an understanding of the wider world. Students are encouraged to become modern citizens and prepared for the world of work, training or education.

Lessons in PSHE are taught through a wide range of formats and students are encouraged to develop their own views on diverse topics whilst retaining our core value of inclusivity. Students are encouraged to make sensible and safe life choices and also look to secure successful pathways once they leave the school.

Broad themes and topics are covered in an age appropriate way. These include:-

Different types of relationships, including friendships, family relationships, dealing with strangers and intimate relationships

Healthy Relationships including how to recognise, understand and build these, self-respect and respect for others, commitment, tolerance, boundaries, consent, how to manage conflict and how to recognise unhealthy relationships;

Health and wellbeing, including mental health and the impact relationships might have on these.

Safety online with an emphasis on relationships

Sex, sexual health and sexuality including factual knowledge.