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Department Mission Statement – Believe, Achieve and Care

Catering Key Stage 4


Throughout the duration of KS4 pupils will embark on a journey in Years 10 and 11 through two Controlled Assessment Task projects. Pupils will study GCSE Catering for approximately 3 lessons (2 hours 15 minutes).

This is a course which allows pupils to develop and extend their skills within Hospitality and Catering in a vocational context, this means that everything that they do will be directly linked to working in any aspect of the Catering and Hospitality Industry e.g. Chef, Waitress, Restaurant Manager, Front of House.

Catering GCSE – Summary of Assessment

  • Unit 1: Catering Skills related to food preparation and service
    • Controlled Task
    • Two practical tasks selected from a bank of six WJEC set tasks.
    • Internally assessed using WJEC set criteria and externally moderated.
    • 45 hours in total – 60%.
  • Unit 2 : Catering, food and the customer
    • One written paper 1 hour and 15 minutes.
    • All questions are compulsory and targeted at the full range of GCSE grades.
    • The paper will contain short-answer, structured and free response questions drawn from the catering content.
    • This examination will be available either as an electronic assessment or as a traditional written paper – 40%.