CEDARS Short Stay School





This is a year of extraordinary issues for our cohort of 29 Year 11 leavers. Schools closed to most pupils by the Government on 23.03.20 as part of the national COVID-19 measures and it was announced that year 11 would not be taking any exams this summer.  Teachers used a range of evidence including assessment and mock exam results to provide Centre Assessment Grades (or CAGs).

In 2019-20 all year 11 pupils are single rolled.  6 (25%) are girls and 24 (75%) are boys. 28 of these students sat at least one exam, either at CEDARS base or with an Alternative Provider. 100% of those sitting exams achieved at least one qualification.

28/28 of those taking an exam sat Functional Skills or the English Language GCSE exam and 28 (100%) passed.

28/28 of those taking an exam sat Functional Skills or the Maths GCSE exam and 28 (100%) passed. This is on par with the results from summer 2019, and reflects the predicted grades for this cohort.

Students also achieved passes in Art & Design, Biology, Catering, Creative Media, D&T Product Design, Hospitality, Information Technology, Literature and Sport.

1 of our leavers is a ‘Looked After Children’. They achieved qualifications and have secured a Post 16 placement in Staffordshire.

Three of our leavers had Special Educational Needs. All received passes in Maths and English qualifications and have a post 16 placement set up.

The key indicator for Y11 success is NEET (Not in Education, Education or Training) prevention as all PRU students are regarded as ‘high RONI‘ (Risk ONeet Index). 27/29 (93.1%) of leavers had a year 12 destination arranged by July. The CEDARS SSS measurement of NEET/non-NEET is to check whether pupils are attending education/training during the last week of September and is not a presumed destination figure.