CEDARS Short Stay School


Physical Education at Cedars aims to give pupils an understanding and experience of a range of sports and develop a healthy attitude towards exercise; with the ability to work as an individual or in a team situation.

The sports are covered in approximately six week blocks, building on skills each week and encouraging competitive play where appropriate.  Both racquet, individual and team sports are covered and include:-

Badminton               Basketball

Hockey                     Volleyball

Cross Country          Cricket

Football                    Athletics

Swimming                Rounders

Throughout the lessons, aspects of fair play and team work are stressed and actively encouraged.  Sportsmanship and camaraderie are essential social skills which pupils must possess and develop both within sport and everyday life.

The PE department is a member of the North Staffordshire Special Schools Sports Association (NSSSSA) and organises and takes part in a wide range of Interschool competitions.  This enables our more gifted pupils the opportunity to play at a higher level and experience competition outside the relative safety of their usual school environment.

To further enhance our teaching, when appropriate, we endeavour to invite specialist coaches to deliver lessons and support staff.  These regularly include coaches from Staffordshire Schools Football Association, Staffordshire Schools Cricket Association and the Swimming Instructors from the County.

To ensure a broad curriculum the pupils are invited to attend a residential outdoor education experience where Specialist Instructors lead the pupils in various activities including canoeing, kayaking, sailing, raft-building, walking, scrambling, climbing, caving, orienteering, abseiling and camp craft.