CEDARS Short Stay School


English Key Stage 3

Pupils’ literacy skills will be assessed on entry according to current national criteria.

Pupils will work to improve and enhance their literacy skills ready for KS4 GCSE English Language. This will be done by completing work on grammar, punctuation, spelling and comprehension. Extra support is available to individual pupils as necessary to optimise their learning.

Pupils will read a range of fiction and non-fiction texts identifying the writers’ crafts and transferring these skills into their own writing for a range of genres and purposes.

Pupils will be encouraged to take part in a range of speaking and listening activities using discussion, role play and presentation.


English Key Stage 4

Pupils will follow the AQA GSCE specification for English Language leading to a final GCSE examination at the end of year 11.

Unit 1:  Pupils will learn to read and understand a range of non-fiction texts, identifying writers’ crafts and transferring these skills into their own writing for a range of genres, audiences and purposes.

Unit 2:  Pupils’ are taught and assessed on three speaking and listening tasks- presenting, discussing and role-play. They will learn to present ideas and information to an audience, respond to questions and views of others, adapt talk appropriately for a range of audiences and participate in a range of context including real life use of talk and audience beyond the classroom.

Unit 3:  Pupils’ will read and respond to a range of creative texts from 3 different centuries, to include: poetry, prose and drama. They will be taught how to engage with and understand writers’ ideas and meanings, display understanding of features of language and structure by using quotations from the text to support their views.