CEDARS Short Stay School


The impact we have on our pupils relies upon a flexible and individualised curriculum.  In English, the aim is to aspire students to be confident and successful communicators with a love of reading and writing, and a desire to achieve. Students will develop skills in reading and writing which they can then transfer across the curriculum, in their next pathway and beyond. All students are unique and we want students to succeed in their English lessons regardless of their starting point. When students begin their journey at CEDARS, their literacy skills will be assessed according to current national criteria. Extra support is available to individual pupils with their own individualised scheme of learning tailored to their needs to optimise their learning.  All key stage 4 students will work towards gaining a qualification in English following the AQA specification including: English Language GCSE, Functional Skills or Entry Level. Key stage 3 students will work to improve and enhance their literacy skills ready for their final Key Stage 4 exams.

All students will study a wide range of non-fiction focuses. Topics such as extreme sports, animals in captivity and anti-social behaviour will be just some of the topics used as a platform for students to exercise fundamental reading and writing skills. It will also be presented in an array of communicative opportunities that hone in on essential speaking and listening skills . The focus will then shift to extended writing skills. Students will concentrate on the importance of structure and how best to utilise planning techniques to produce well-organised pieces of writing. Key Stage 4 students will be working through tasks that replicate the GCSE exams and they will be attempting to answer questions that mirror the style of the English Language papers. All students are encouraged to take part in a range of speaking and listening activities using discussion, role play and presentation.

Students’ hard work is acknowledged and is celebrated through praise assemblies, positive points achieved and shared on our ‘work of the week’ display.  During Christmas time, students are invited to the theatre to watch the annual Christmas performance. We believe it is important for students to experience English beyond the classroom and by taking the students to the theatre it doesn’t just help them academically, it can also inspire a love of live performance. It’s important for students to see the theatre as a cultural experience that is open to everyone.