CEDARS Short Stay School

Art & Design

Art at CEDARS is both exciting and challenging set within a stimulating yet relaxed atmosphere where they are encouraged to develop their cultural, spiritual and moral experiences.

Art & Design Key Stage 3

At Key Stage 3, the students experience a wide variety of techniques and processes to enhance their knowledge and skills through a wide range of topics.  The students will usually explore these processes such as printing, drawing, painting, modelling and ceramics through the work of artists and art movements. Mix in gallery and museum visits with occasional visits by local artists such as The Cultural Sisters and Anthony Hammond, the students experience a rich and balanced curriculum.

By basing our projects on artists such as Georgia O’Keeffe and JMW Turner, or creating topics on elements such as Butterflies or Remembrance Art of WWI, the students all have the same starting point.  As the project develops, the students will be encouraged to develop their own ideas, creating highly individual work.

All of their time within the art room is designed to ensure they are ready for any acredited course they may take in Key Stage 4 while also developing the skills of patience, dexterity self reliance and problem solving.

Art & Design Key Stage 4

At Key Stage 4, the Art curriculum is designed to support the AQA GCSE and encourage the thoughts that there are many varied jobs and careers open to them within the Arts and creative sector once they leave education.  This course can be tailored to suit the individual needs of the student and allows them to be entered for either the 1 year SHORT COURSE or the 2 year FULL GCSE.

When students join us in Key Stage 4, they follow a syllabus created to encourage independent learning and so is by design, less structured.  Still working within the same stimulating yet relaxed atmosphere they did in KS3 and still working within the structure of all students being given the same topic as a starting point; they are now additionally challenged to use all the skills they have experienced prior and refine and develop their understanding of the technical and creative skills, processes and media independently.

In KS4 they are allowed and encouraged to follow their own strengths and interests while they develop their own ideas in areas of art which stimulate them.  This way of working is designed to help them in their GCSE exam which is worth 40% of the overall mark taken in Year 11.  Here the students will be given a choice of 7 questions with deliberately ambiguous titles such as Colour, Decay or Masks.  From this starting point, they must use their knowledge and skill set to develop and refine their own ideas, culminating in a final piece created within the 10 hour exam.

Like KS3, the curriculum is enhanced with gallery visits and bringing in Artists in Residence to improve their knowledge and skills.  In Year 11, the GCSE group is taken to London for the entire day.  This is just prior to the exam and is designed to stimulate their ideas, while broadening their cultural, moral and spiritual experiences as well as giving them a very different look at modern Britain to what they are use to.​