CEDARS Short Stay School


Mathematics Key Stage 3

Students study Mathematics at a level appropriate to their ability.  All students are teacher assessed on arrival to ensure that the work set is appropriate.  They go on to study the four areas of Mathematics: number, algebra, data handling, and shape and space, with a focus on improving their number skills, problem solving and their ability to apply their knowledge to real life situations.  This is achieved through written work, using computers, playing games and other appropriate activities.

Mathematicks Key Stage 4

Students study the Edexcel GCSE Mathematics A (2010) specification.   This is taught through a series of small units covering all necessary areas including number skills, algebra, shape, measure, data handling and probability.  These units and regular teacher assessment allow students to see how they are progressing and to highlight the areas for improvement.  Students are given time to explore Mathematical concepts for themselves and to discover how their knowledge will support them in the future.