CEDARS Short Stay School


Geography Key Stage 3 only


Our aim is to cover a varied range of topics from the traditional units of study to current day issues.  This will take place both inside and outside the classroom.  As such lessons can be adapted to meet topical global issues from immigration and natural disasters.  We also offer the more traditional Geography.

The following subjects are delivered:-

Year Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term Additional
7 Map Skills &

Geomorphological Processes (Rivers/Coasts)

Population & Development China & Economic Activity  


Including fieldwork investigations.

Studying at a range of scales – local, regional, national, international and global.

8 Tectonic Processes Environmental  & Resource Issues Settlements
9 Weather & Climate Ecosystems & Farming Brazil & Italy

Due to the mix of student groupings, often we have to be flexible.

This subject will prepare pupils for the wider world giving them a sense of place.  It will allow them to consider their role in this vast, every changing, global community; existing together on a finite resource known as planet earth.